Ph.D. University of Rhode Island

M.S.P.H. Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

B.S. Louisiana Tech University

WCSU Science Building Rm. 140
Phone: 203-837-8749

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Research Interests

I am interested in the epidemiology and ecology of diseases carried by blood-sucking arthropods. My research focuses upon the prevention of Lyme disease and other human infections caused by ticks. I am very interested in how individuals can protect themselves from disease, either through personal actions or by manipulating the environment.

Select recent publications (*denotes student author)

Connally, N.P., K. Yousey-Hindes, and J.I. Meek.  2013. Selection of neighborhood controls for a population-based Lyme disease case-control study using a commercial marketing database. American Journal of Epidemiology178(2): 276-279.

Garnett, J.*, N.P. Connally, K. Stafford III, and M. Cartter. 2011. Evaluation of deer-targeted interventions on Lyme disease incidence in Connecticut. Public Health Reports. 126(3): 446-454.

Connally, N.P., A.J. Durante, K. Yousey-Hindes*, J.I. Meek, R. Nelson, and R. Heimer. 2009. Effectiveness of peridomestic Lyme disease prevention measures: Results of a three-year case-control study in Connecticut. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 37:201-206.

Connally, N.P., H.S. Ginsberg, and T.N. Mather.  2006.  Assessing peridomestic
entomological factors as predictors for Lyme disease.  Journal of Vector Ecology 31:364-370.

Pardanani, N. and T.N. Mather.  2004.  Lack of spatial autocorrelation in fine-scale distributions of Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae).  Journal of Medical Entomology 41:861-864.

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