The Little People's Village is a mysterious deserted settlement in Middlebury, CT. There is also a local legend that surrounds this village. There are many different variations on the legend, but most tend to agree that a husband and a wife once lived in a small stone house located on the site. The wife heard voices in the surrounding woods and she believed that she and her husband coexisted with tiny little demons. She instructed her husband to build a tiny little village of houses that stood no higher than four feet tall. The wife believed that she was Queen of the Little People and she also instructed her husband to build her a proper throne into the side of a hill. In some versions of the story, the wife was instructed to kill her husband after he dared to sit on the throne, but then the little demons killed the wife--or persuaded her to do the deed herself. In another version of the story, the husband couldn't take his wife's mental instability or bizarre requests anymore, so he killed her and then himself. Regardless of what actually happened, the throne is said to be cursed; anyone who sits on it will die in seven days, or seven years, or in a short period of time, depending on who's telling the story.

The Cursed Throne

No one has ever been able to uncover the actual history of the couple, or whoever built the tiny village. All that is left on the site are some foundations, one of the miniature houses, the "cursed throne", and the couple's home, which has bars on the windows to supposedly keep the little demons out. This site still has a feeling of negative energy and is still pretty creepy.

If you're interested in going, the Little People's Village is located in the woods off of Old Waterbury Road in Middlebury, CT. At the end of the road, there is a paved trail. The ruins of the village are located about 1/4 of a mile down the trail on the left hand side.

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