CTA 110
Fall 2008

Hugh McCarney
B 213

Presentation Schedule (Coming after midterm)
Sources of Photographs for Analysis
Metropolitan Museum's Department of Photographs
Library of Congress collection
George Eastman House Photography Collections Online

Extra Credit

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TEXT: Zettl, Sight, Sound, Motion


9/2 Read Chapter 1

9/9 Read Chapters 2-3

9/16 Read Chapters 4-5
Paper: Lighting and Color
9/23 Read Chapters 6-8

9/30 Read Chapters 9-10


Paper: Area and Volume
10/14 Read Chapters 11-12

10/21 Read Chapters 13-14
Submit film title for presentation and final paper

Paper: Motion

11/11 Read Chapters 15-16
Paper: Editing
11/18 Read Chapters 17-18 Group Presentation


Group Presentation Final Paper due
Group Presentation

Basic Requirements of the Course

1. Reading: The course will cover one topic of the text each week. You are responsible for the material and may be quizzed on it at any time.

2. Grades: Grades will be based on a demonstrated ability to use the concepts presented in the text and in class to discuss the intensifying and/or clarifying function of various elements in specific media works (photographs, film, and video). The only vehicle for this demonstration will be the short and final papers. The final paper will count about 1/2 of the grade.

3. Papers: All papers must be submitted as an email attachment. The short papers will be not more than five pages, and the final paper will be not more than ten pages. The subject for discussion for the final paper will be an event from a film. Papers are expected to conform to the standards of English composition: standard grammar, composition and usage, as well as the clear presentation and development of ideas. Late work will not be accepted without a doctor's note.

4. Attendance: Attendance is expected. Lectures are given only during class time, and will not be repeated for people who missed the class. A second missed class will require a meeing with the instructor to assess the chances of successfully completing the course.


The goal of this course is to understand how the elements of a specific media work function to either present, clarify or intensify events and qualities. While nothing in the course is particularly difficult in itself, you may be asked to perceive and think about things in new ways.

The class will be broken into conference groups for the short papers. The members of the group will choose a particular work for each paper. While each member of the group is responsible for submitting his or her own paper, the group is encouraged to discuss approaches to the work among themselves before writing the paper.

The group presentation will be based on events from a film chosen by the group, with each member focusing on a different event. Each group will have one hour for the presentation, including screening time (if necessary).

The final paper will discuss the clarification and intensification functions of a variety of elements within one event in the film the group has chosen for the final presentation, and in fact, should be the basis for the oral presentation.

Sample papers

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