History of American Film

COM 272
Fall 2007
Hugh McCarney
B 213

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Twentieth Century Timelines

Early Film History

Film History by Decade

Timeline of Influential Milestones and Important Turning Points in Film History

George Eastman House Pre-Cinema project

Film Stars and Their Salaries Over the Years

Mast, G. and Kawin, B. (2006). A Short History of the Movies. 9th ed. New York: Pearson Longman.

American Psychological Association. (1983). Publication manual of the APA (3rd ed.). Washington, D.C.: Author [Latest edition preferred] A summary is available on line at owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/.


9/3 Read Chapter 1
9/10 Read Chapter 2 Submit the decade you will be discussing and a list of four films you will be working with. Also submit timeline of significant events in the decade
9/17 Read Chapter 3
9/24 Read Chapter 4
Paper 1: Film as art

10/1 Read Chapter 5
10/8 Read Chapter 6
10/15 Read Chapter 9
Paper 2: Film as Technology

10/22 Read Chapter 11
10/29 Read Chapter 12
11/5 Read Chapter 15
Paper 3: Film and Society

11/12 Read Chapter 17

11/19 Read Chapter 18
11/26 Read Chapter 19

Paper 4: Film as Business



Grades are based on demonstrated understanding and application of the ideas and principles presented in the readings and in class. The vehicles for this demonstration include class participation, the course project, and the final presentation.

The course project involves choosing a decade of the 20th century and discussing the impact of film during that decade, identifying significant developments, and examining their implications for culture and society. The papers will examine specific films in terms of the artistic, technological, social, and business aspects of the medium. The research will be organized for submission to the instructor in a series of short papers and presentation to the class in a Powerpoint presentation. Work must be in digital form and must conform to accepted conventions of spelling, grammar, and usage.

Late work will not be accepted without a physician's statement.

More than three absences will require a discussion about your ability to complete the course.

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