- - - Radio Workshop - - -

CTA 275

Fall 2008

Hugh McCarney
B 213
Email: mccarneyh@wcsu.edu


9/15 Email a list of your objectives in radio for this semester--be specific.

10/20 Submit an interim activity report (e-mail ), identifying achieved and changed objectives
Submit final activity report (e-mail), listing specific achievements for the semester
Last date for incomplete requests

COURSE OBJECTIVE: To understand radio station operations through actively participating in day to day station operations.

CREDIT: 1 S.H.--60 hours of work at a radio station as a general staff member.
2 S.H.--120 hours of work as an operations director
3 S.H.--180 hours of work in an executive position

Time cards are in a file box by the mailboxes at WXCI. It is your responsibility to keep your card updated and available for inspection before midterm and at the end of the course.

No more than 20 hours may be spent screening music. Any time beyond that will be your gift to WXCI.

GRADES: The Midterm grade is based on the interim report and the time cards, as well as consultation with the department heads and the Executive Board. Failure to have completed 20 hours at a radio station by midterm may result in your being withdrawn from the course

The final grade is based on the final report, consultation with the department heads and the executive board. Failure to have completed 40 hours at a radio station by December 12 will result in your being withdrawn from the course.

Incomplete Grades are available to those students who have completed at least 40 hours at a radio station, and who file a completed Incomplete Request Form with the instructor. You will not be able to enroll in this course again until the Incomplete has been resolved.

Attendance: You are expected to attend this class in addition to the 60 hours required at a radio station. Most meetings will be less than an hour. All written work will be submitted by email.

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