Technology and Community

COM 335
Spring 2008
Hugh McCarney
B 213

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Materials: A USB flash drive is recommended. A Zip disk may serve
You may also want a blank CD


Written work

Book Project 2 instructions


1/22 Read Time articles in ERes
In Class: Orientation to the eClass
Discussion of Project 1

1/29 Read Smith, "Introduction" and "Command of the Page." (pp. viii-20).
In Class: Orientation to tools (FTP, servers, etc.)
Set up homepage

Read Smith, "Space of the Written Word" (pp. 21-60)
In Class: Introduction to HTML
2/12 Read Smith, "Itineraries Through a Book." (pp. 61-109)
In Class: Conference on project 1 and Storyspace, part 2

2/19 Read George Landow, Table of Contents for Chapter One. Hypertext and Critical Theory
In Class: Workshop

***Project 1 due***

2/26 Read As We May Think by Vannevar Bush
In Class: Storyspace workshop: chunking the text for project 2

3/4 Read Michael Joyce, The Sonatas of Saint Francis.
In Class: Hypertext: Linking the texts for project 2
***Project 2 due***

3/11 Read Hayles, Chapter 1, "Media and Materiality, and Chapter 2, "Material Metaphors, Technotexts, and Media Specific Analysis. "
In Class: Conference on Project 3

3/17-21 Spring Break

3/25 Read Hayles, Chapter 3, "Entering the Electronic Environment."
In Class: Workshop

4/1 Read Hayles, Chapter 4, Electronic Literature as Technotext: Lexia to Perplexia." In Class: Project 2 Workshop

4/8 Read Hayles, Chapter 5, "Experiencing Artist Books."
In Class: Final touches on Project 2

4/15 Read Hayles, Chapter 6, "A Humument as Technotext: Layered Topographies."
***Project 3 due***
4/22 Read Hayles, Chapter 7, "Embodiments of Material Metaphors."

4/29 Read Hayles, Chapter 8, "Inhabiting House of Leaves."
***Project 4 due***
5/6 Loose Ends, course evaluation


Grades will be based on contributions to the online discussions and the Hypermedia projects.
Attendence is expected.
Late work will not be accepted without a physician's statement.

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