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Short Works

COM 372

Fall 2011

Hugh McCarney
B 018
Email: mccarneyh@wcsu.edu


Cahir, L. (2006). Literature into film: Theory and practical approaches. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland& Company.

Harrison, S. (2005). Adaptations: From short story to big screen: 35 great stories that have inspired great films. New York: Three Rivers Press.

Sample papers

Useful Links:

Films based on literature (Google "Literature to Film")
  • Based on the Book http://www.mcpl.lib.mo.us/readers/movies/movie.cfm
  • OCLC 2005 Books into Film http://www.oclc.org/research/top1000/film.htm
  • Teenreads.com Books into Movies http://www.teenreads.com/features/books2movies.asp
  • Literature on line:
  • Classic Bookshelf http://www.classicbookshelf.com/library/
  • american literature.com http://www.americanliterature.com/ARCHIVES/ARCHIVES.HTML
  • Online Books Page, UPenn http://digital.library.upenn.edu/books/
  • Project Gutenberg http://www.gutenberg.org
  • Irish Literature Texts http://www.ireland-information.com/irishliterature.htm#free
  • The eText Archive http://www.etext.org/index.shtml
  • Read Print http://www.readprint.com/
  • APA Style (Documentation) APA Form (Paper layout and conventions) CSU Library Catalog Google


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    Work Due
    Oedipus Rex
    Text from The Internet Classics Archive
    Oedipus Rex
    PN1997.O22 (DVD)

    Oedipus V.

    Cahir, Chapter I, "The Nature of Film Translation:
    Literal, Traditional, and Radical"

    "Jerry and Molly and Sam"
    Text, p. 15
    Short Cuts
    Not in Library
    Cahir, Chapter II, "The Language of Film and
    its Relation to the Language of Literature"

    Rear Window
    Text, p. 67
    Rear Window
    PN1997 .R31 1998
    Paper 1 on 9/14
    See instructions below
    Cahir, Chapter VI, "Short Stories into Film"
    "Stage to Lordsburg"
    Text, p. 218
    PS3515.A9327S75 1985
    9/28 Cahir, Chapter IV, "Novels and Novellas into
    Film and an Aesthetic Rubric . . ."

    "This is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona"
    Text, p.244
    Smoke Signals
    PN1997 .S617 1998
    Cahir, Chapter VII, "Writing About Film"
    "The Harvey Pekar Name Story"
    Text, p. 261
    American Splendor
    Not in Library
    Paper 2 on 10/5
    "Ghost World - Chapter 5: "Hubba Hubba""
    Text, p. 265
    Ghost World
    Not in Library
    10/19 "The Wisdom of Eve"
    Text, p. 284
    All About Eve
    PN1997.A4 1988
    10/26 "Mr. Blandings Builds his Castle"
    Text, p. 309
    Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
    PN1997.M58 1978
    Paper 3 on 10/26
    11/2 "Tomorrow"
    Text, p. 347
    Not in Library
    11/9 "Bringing up Baby"
    Text, p. 370
    Bringing Up Baby
    PN1997 .B75 2005
    "Memento mori "
    Text, p. 451
    PN1997.M451 2002
    "Red Ryder Nails the Hammond Kid"
    Text, p. 473
    Christmas Story
    Not in Library
    Paper 4 on 11/30
    "Auggie Wren's Christmas story"
    Text, p. 578
    Not in Library

    COURSE OBJECTIVE: Our objective in examining works presented in two different media is to gain insight and understanding into the workings of those media, including their biases and their strengths.

    WRITTEN WORK: You are asked to write four papers, each on a different pair of works. The 15 films shown in class are not available, but the remaining 20 stories in the text are available. Links at the top of the syllabus may provide other works for analysis. The films must be narratives, regardless of the literary form they come from. The works considered in class are based on short stories and one play, but the papers may consider works of any length.

    Each discussion should begin with an identification of the type of translation that identifies the relationship between the works, and then to identify the variations between the works, and discuss the importance of these variations.

    All papers are due at the beginning of class on the due date, and they must be submitted as an email attachment which must come from your University email account (abcdefg@wcsu.edu). My spam filter will allow mail from that domain, and I never check to see what is caught in the filter, although I suspect it's papers sent from gmail accounts.

    All reference material must be credited using the form presented in The Publication Manual of the APA (see the text list). The use of undocumented material will be regarded as palgerism, and, at a minimum, will result in an F for the course.

    Late work will lose one letter grade per day.

    ACCOMMODATIONS: If you need an accomodation, please provide me with an accommodation letter as soon as possible. If you need a letter, please make an appointment with Deborah Cohen at the AccessAbility Services  Office located in Higgins Annex, room 017F (837-8946). Once you have your letter, please come by my office to speak to me about your accommodations and any other concerns you may have such as medical emergencies, arranging a note-taker or arrangements in case the building must be evacuated. Please bring me your accommodation letter as soon as possible, even if you think you may not need to use your accommodation.

    GRADES: The Midterm grade is based on the first two papers . The final grade will be the average of the best three grades.

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