Book project II


Put all photos to be used in the same folder.
Rename them with numbers or names that are easy to order

In Photoshop:

1. Open each photo and rotate so the top will be toward the center of the page.
2. Save As TIFF images

In InDesign:

1. OPEN a new document
2. Number of pages will be the number of pictures divided by four (12 pictures/4 per page=3pages). Click on OK
3. LAYOUT>CREATE GUIDES In the box selects 2 columns and 2 rows, click OK
4. FILE>PLACE calls up a file list. Find your folder of files and select the one you want to start wth and click OPEN. The box will close and the cursor will change to a brush. Click in the frame you want the image to be in.

Move the upper left corner of the image to the upper left corner of the frame. Usin one of the side handles move the edge of the image to fit to the edge of the frame. Do the same with the bottom

6. Repeat for the remaining frames.
7. SAVE frequently
8. When all of the images are placed, PRINT on printer
9. Choose PRINT and in he box choose Printer: Adobe PDF 7.0 This will save a printable version of your book to disk.

The address for the student server is -

example for "John Smith" cifs://w-homer/stuuserS$
Username - smithj Password - Student Password- Domain - W-WCSU-LOCAL