NAME PRO_YR Short Title TOPIC Digital Copy
---------------- Lenny Bruce RHETORIC
---------------- Sarasin Campaign RHETORIC
---------------- History Of WBLS RADIO
* 1987 Media Promotion Of Physical Fitness PERSUASION
* Comparison Of Channels 6 And 10 In Danbury TV
* Image In Children's TV Advertising TV
* Persuasive Campaigns In Broadcast News Commentaries TV
* Television's Effect On Adolescent Values TV
* Use & Abuse Of English In Broadcast Journalism TV
* Acting Techniques: Analysis & Performance THEATRE
* Comparing CSU Educational Theatre Programs THEATRE
* Costume Design For "The Piper" THEATRE
* Selected American Lyricists And Their Lyrics THEATRE
* Set Design & Model For "Follies" THEATRE
* Stage Lighting THEATRE
* Rhetorical Analysis Of Malcolm X & M.L. King RHETORIC
* The Goal(S) Of Sermons RHETORIC
* History Of Payola In Broadcasting RADIO
* Market Analysis For Reprogramming Wlad RADIO
* Pr Campaign For Developmentally Disabled PUB REL
* Techniques For Modifying A Corporate Image PUB REL
* Kinesic Analysis Of Presidential Campaign Spots POLITICAL
* Fund Raising Campaign For Stamford Nature Museum PERSUASION
* Noise Pollution: Persuasive Campaign PERSUASION
* Persuasive Tech Used By Nu Favoring Nuclear Power PERSUASION
* Nonverbal Cues In A Psychiatric Setting NONVERBAL
* Psychological Effects Of Color NONVERBAL
* Content Analysis Of Rock Music MUSIC
* Effect Of Mass Media On Interpersonal Comm MASS COMM
* Meaning: An Aspect Of Semantics LANGUAGE
* Menu Euphemism Of Selected Restaurants LANGUAGE
* Elements And Effectiveness Of Contemp Leadership GROUPS
* Crime Doesn't Pay (Film) FILM PROD
* Fred The Hop-Less Kangaroo (Film) FILM PROD
* Comedic Techniques Of The Marx Brothers FILM
* Comparison Of Mel Brooks And The Marx Brothers FILM
* Comm Processes: Core Of Family Therapy FAMILY
* Speech Threapy For Adults DISORDERS
* Contradictions Between Verbal & Nonverbal Behavior NONVERBAL
*ADAMS, DEBORAH 1982 Presidential Speech Strategies During Wars RHETORIC
*ARRUDA, LINDA 1988 Communication And The Hairdresser INTERPERSONAL
*BALOGH, ROBERT 1984 Joe Pine's Cruelty As Entertainment TV
*BARCHI 1986 Emergence Of Gossip: Historical Approach LANGUAGE
*BLANK, KRISTY 1988 Personality Type "A" And "B" Behavior INTERPERSONAL
*CAMP, TIM 1984 Influence Of News Media On '84 Presidential Primaries POLITICAL
*CARROLL, AMY 1990 Conflict Between Couples Planning Weddings INTERPERSONAL
*CAULFIELD, MARTIN 1989 Perception Of Non-Verbal Movement NONVERBAL
*CAVELLO, CARMEN X no record Costume Design For "El Grande Coca-Cola" THEATRE
*CORNELL, BJ 1981 Styx: Creating An Image PUB REL
*COSTELLO, 1987 Influence Of TV Evangelists On Local Preachers RHETORIC
*CYRULIK, PHILIP 1978 Development Of WXCI-Fm 1972-78 RADIO
*DUOVLOS, JOHN 1988 Use Of Markers In Establishing Territory NONVERBAL
*FOSS, KIM 1988 Communication In Coaching INTERPERSONAL
*FOTI, JANINE 1990 History Of _Annie Get Your Gun_ THEATRE
*FROST, SYDELL 1989 Intergenerational Conflict INTERPERSONAL
*HUMPHREYVILLE, KIM 1982 Portrayal Of Blacks In Two Films FILM
*HURNE 1984 Prepare Your Children Well (Performance) THEATRE
*LANG, SUSAN 1985 Godspell (Production) THEATRE
*NWAXCHUKWU 1984 Differences In Nonverbal Comm Between Us & Nigeria NONVERBAL
*OLIJNYK, OXANA 1984 Freedom Of Speech And Broadcasting MASS COMM
*O'MARA, PATTI 1982 Model Rehab Program For Elderly Deaf DISORDERS
*RICHTER, EVA M 1989 Comm Apprehension Of Cta Majors INTERPERSONAL
*SPAIN, MATTHEW 1987 Sattelite Communication And The Global Village TV
*TYNAN, DAVID 1989 Reinforcement In Coach-Player Relationship INTERPERSONAL
*VAN WALTER 1986 Language Usage In Magazine Advertisements LANGUAGE
*WEBER, SHARON 1988 Cta Alumni Perception Of Preparation For Job ORGANIZATIONAL
ADLER, CHRIS HONORS Ideological Oscillation In The '88 Campaign POLITICAL
AKBAR, BOBBY SHALLAH 1998 Defining The Violence On Television TV
ALCANTERA, JENNIFER 1988 Cultural Interaction Within The Filipino Family FAMILY
ALHAGE, LOUIS 1987 Guidelines For An SGA President GROUP
AMANDOLA, CHRISTOPHER 1995 Advertising: Appealing To A Generation ADVERTISING
AMES, DONNA 1988 Therapy And Prosthesis In Larson's Disease DISORDERS
AMRANI, HOWARD 1987 Vehicles For Promoting Westconn's Image PUB REL
AMRANI, HOWARD, S. 1987 Critical Communication Vehicles Used To Promote WCSU Image PUBLIC RELATIONS
ANASTASAKIS, ELENI 1999 Similarity In Attractrion: A Cultural Approach INTERPERSONAL
ANASTASAKIS, PETER 1999 The Development Of Skills By Presentation SPEECH
ANDERSON, ELEANOR 1988 Theraputic Language Techniques DISORDERS
ANDERSON, JENNIFER 1995 The Theory & Application Of Creative Dramatics. . . THEATRE
ANDREJCZK, BETH 1990 Perceptions Of Required Comm Performance Abilities GENERAL
APPELLE, SHARI 1990 Mudslinging And The Texas Gubernatorial Race POLITICAL
ARCONTI, PAMELA 1989 Hearing Impairment DISORDERS
AUGUST, KAREN 1983 Analysis Of The Use Of Color In ART
AZZOLLINI, CORRADO 2000 Relational Commitment In Television:An Examination Of Prime Time Television Programs MEDIA
BADGER, SARA 1995 Classroom As A Communication Environment EDUCATION x
BAKER, SHEILA 1986 Comparison Of Local And Network Programming TV
BAKER, WILLIAM 1987 Radio And Ratings RADIO
BALE, KAREN 1978 Ad Campaign For The "Spree" Pen ADVERTISING
BARCHI, MARY LOU 1982 Effects Of TV On Family Communication FAMILY
BARILLARO, DIANE 1991 Factors In Male Students' Choice Of Dating Partners PERCEPTION
BARRETT, VERA 1991 Leadership With System Four ORGANIZATIONAL
BARROWS, BRAD 1983 Dolphin Communication ANIMAL
BARVINSKI, CHRISTINE 1990 Adolescent Peer Groups And Communicative Style GROUP
BASIL, NICOLE 1983 Behavior Modification GENERAL
BAYER, DERON 1987 Critical Analysis Of Comic Books MEDIA
BECHARD, BRAD 1993 Stanislavski, Strasberg And Adler: Three Methods Of Action THEATRE
BECK, DEBBIE 1982 Directorial And Technical Insights: Sr Sing THEATRE
BEIK, BEIRUT 1996 Conflict In Management In Intimate Dating Relationships INTERPERSONAL
BENGSTON, PAUL 1990 Effectiveness Of Comm Vehicles In The Workplace ORGANIZATIONAL
BERG, JEFFERY 1988 Auteur Theory And Cinematographers FILM
BERGLUND, DONNA 1986 Gender Analysis Of The Portrayal Of Sales Reps ADVERTISING
BESTMAN, GARY 1990 Rap Lyrics As A Frustration Vent MUSIC
BIONDI, JOSEPH 1995 Violent TV & Its Effects On Aggressiveness Of Children TV
BIRD, JEAN D. 1994 How A Support Group Fulfills The Interpersonal Needs Of The Lupus Patient INTERPERSONAL
BISHOP, BRIAN J. 1994 Sesame Street's Influence On Edu. Development In Preschool TV
BLALOCK, YOLANDA 1987 Image Of Black Women In Advertising MEDIA
BLAND, THERESA 1989 Sex Differences In Children's Proxemics NONVERBAL
BLAUVELT, AMY 1990 Interpersonal Conflict In Wedding Planning INTERPERSONAL
BOGAN, MAURA 1974 Playmaking With Children THEATRE
BOGARTZ, TRACEY 1992 A Critical Analysis Of TV Advertising & Commercials TV ADS/MEDIA
BONACCI, NINA 1986 Employment Opportunities In Human Relations HUMAN REL
BORIO, THOMAS B. 1995 What Impact Do TV Sneaker Ads Have On People? MEDIA RESEARCH
BOSSI, LYNN 1991 Socio-Cult. Problems Between Black And Standard English LANGUAGE
BOURDOULOUS, JEFFREY 1998 Uncertainty Reduction:Formation Of Future Relationships HUM REL
BOYLE, DEIRDRE 1995 A Historical View Of Cable & The Internet MEDIA
BRADFORD, AMY-SUSIE 2000 What Are The Exoeriences Of A Student Aristic Director? THEATRE
BRADWAY, JACQUELYN S. 1996 Gender Stereotypes And Children's TV TV
BRADY, GRETE 1974 Directorial Insights: Production Of "The Chairs THEATRE
BRANDT, ROBERT 1987 How Coaches Optimize Athletes' Performance INTERPERSONAL
BRENY, JEAN 1986 Children And Their Learning INTERPERSONAL
BROCHU, KARLYN 2000 Drama Therapy A Healing Act? THEATRE
BROWN, LAURIE 1988 My Name Is Alice (Production) THEATRE
BROWN, MATTHEW A. 1997 A Comparison Between Adult And Children's Advertsing On Television MEDIA
BROWN, RHONDA 1989 Martin Luther King: Effective Persuasive Speaking RHETORIC
BROWN, TIMOTHY,A. 1993 Two Great Communicators LANGUAGE
BROWNE, KEN 1986 Progressive Student Alliance ORGANIZATIONAL
BRUCKMANN, SALLY X no record The Power Of Touch NONVERBAL
BRYANT, DARRIN 1997 The World According To Television - New York Undercover MEDIA
BUONOMO, JACQUELINE 1993 Has The Perception Toward Adult Audience Films Changd? FILM MEDIA
BURR, MARGARET 1987 Advertising & Market Strategies:Development ADVERTISING
BUSCH, KEITH 2000 Interpersonal Communications: The Heart Of Customer Service BUSINESS
BUSSE, HOWARD 2001 Golf: A Strategic Tool Used For Business Success ADVERTISING
CAMARATA, KIM 2001 Critical Analysis Of Philip Morris Youth Anti-Smoking Campaign ADVERTISING
CAMBRA, EMANUEL 1987 Development Of Backstage Equipment THEATRE
CAMBRIELLO, LAWRENCE 1987 Comm Strategies For Accurate Image Of Retarded PUB REL
CAMP, TIM 1984 Political Communication POLITICAL
CANNON, PAUL P 1996 How Has Email Affected Ipc In Workplace? CMC
CANTON, HORACIO E. 1994 Intercultural Competence And Relationship To Job Satisfaction INTERPERSONAL
CAPOBIANCO, CARMINE 1981 You Can't Always Stay (Script) THEATRE
CAPOSSELA, JENNIFER 1996 Opening Ourselves Up To Others: Self-Disclosure HUMAN RELATIONS
CAPUTO, JENNIFER 1993 MTV's Presentation Of Real Women Vs. Fantasy Women TV
CARDONA, ED, JR. 2000 Persuasive Strategies In Favor And Strategies Against Puerto Rican Statehood PERSUASION
CAREY, MAUREEN 1983 Interpreting The Meaning Of LANGUAGE
CARLIN, DAVID A. 2000 Are Marketers Successfully Using The Internet? MEDIA
CARLSON, VIKKI 1990 Social Competence Of Mainstreamed Hearing-Impaired DISORDERS
CARRAFA III, MICHAEL 1994 Experimental Film:Its Influence On Cinema And Ebolution Into Underground Film During The Beat Generation FILM
CARRAFIELLO, JOSEPH 1999 What Social Comparisons Do We Make And Which Ones Threaten Us? INTERPERSONAL
CARTER, JASON 1997 What Are The Elements That Make A Horror Story Work? FILM
CARTMAN, JOSEPH F. 1996 Painting Photographs In Motion: FILM COMPARISONS
CARTOCETI, CHRISTINE 1987 Comm Factors In Dating/Marital Relationships INTERPERSONAL
CASAMASSA, MARIAN 1992 Business Responses To The Need For Training In Effective Listening Skills INTERPERSONAL
CASCIARI, GENE 1984 Communication Skills Of Successful Middle Mgrs MANAGEMENT
CASCIO, KATHLEEN 1981 Soap Opera Syndrome TV
CASEY, BRIAN M 1996 Genrex: Critical Analysis FILM
CASEY, DEBORAH 1990 Non-Talent Factors In Auditions THEATRE
CASEY, RICHARD 1990 Religion's Negative Effect On Environmental Issues RHETORIC
CASTIGLIONE, TINA 1999 The Radio Play:A Blast From The Past RADIO
CAYNE, CARLEEN 1995 TV As A Reference: The Representation Of Women In TV Sit-Coms TV
CERONE, ANDREA 1994 Impact Of Pornography On Women MEDIA
CERRA, MARC 1999 Does Stereotyping Of Alcoholics Differ Between Caregivers And Noncaregivers? FAMILY
CHACHO, JODI 1992 Projecting A Positive Image During The Business Interview ORGANIZATIONAL
CHAGNON, LORRAINE 1974 Communication Processes INTERPERSONAL
CHENEY, JANECE 1979 Plains Indians Nonverbal Communication NONVERBAL
CHIAPPARDI, JOHN 2000 Violence On The News: Why We Watch MEDIA
CIRILLI, RONALD 1999 Gender Communications HUMAN RELATIONS
CLARK, CHRISTOPHER 1991 Case Study Of Leer Incorporated MANAGEMENT
CLIFFORD, JANICE 1991 Verbal/Nonverbal Comm And Elderly Sense Of Well-Being INTERPERSONAL
COLLADO, ALBERT 1996 Influence Of Men's Magazines ADVERTISING
COLLELA, CHRIS 1988 Betrayal Of Trust During Social INTERPERSONAL
COMERFORD, NOREEN 1995 What's So Funny. . .Violence In Sit-Coms TV
COMMODORE. LASHONDA 1993 Communication In The Family:Influence Of Arguments INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION
CONKLIN, DEBORAH 1988 Language Acquisition LANGUAGE
CONNORS, CLAIRE T. 1997 Children's Theatre:Not Just A Play Thing THEATRE
CONSAGA, VICTOR E. III 1992 Technological Innovation:Firend Or Foe? PERCEPTIONS STUDY
COPPOLA, ADELE 1984 Graphoanalysis In Employment Interviews BUSINESS
CORET-REAL, SANDRA 1999 The Social Learning Of Children: How They Stereotype Occupation INTERPERSONAL
COREY, ANNE 1990 Racial Stereotypes And TV News Crime Coverage TV
CORNELL, BEEJAY 1980 An Advertising Package For The ADVERTISING
CORNELL, COLLENE 1993 Language And Conversational Style Differences Among The Genders: GENDER
CORVO, SHEILA 1990 Behind The Wall: Family Communication FAMILY
COUGHLIN, DAVID 1982 What I Did On My Vacation (Show) THEATRE
COWIE, BILL 1993 Media Portrayal Of Rape Victims And Its Effect On The Reporting Of Sex Crimes MEDIA STUDY
CRAWFORD, JAMES H. 2000 The Science Fiction Genre: A Study In Communications MEDIA
CRAWFORD, MICHELLE 1989 Therapy And Group Cohesion/Deaf DISORDERS
CREGAN, T. SCOT 1997 Frontline's Gulf War: An Ideological Critique MEDIA GASPAR, MICHAEL A.
CRESCI, SHELLY 1994 Violence Against Women In Films: MEDIA
CRITELLI, JESSICA A. 2000 Identifying At-Risk Children Among Private And Public School Settings EDUCATION
CUBBERLY, NORANN 1981 The Era: Fact And Fiction RHETORIC
CUMMINS, MARY 1986 Propaganda Analysis Of Irish PERSUASION
CUNNINGHAM, MARK 1979 Comparison Of Danbury's Two MASS MEDIA
CURRY, JANET 1988 Comm Skills And Marital Satisfaction INTERPERSONAL
CURTIS, LINDA 1986 Creating Radio Humor RADIO
DACEY HELENE ELIZABETH 2000 What Strategies Would Increase Market Penetration In Romance Novel Industry MEDIA
DAIGLE, MEGAN 1992 Why Talk?: Male And Female Perspectives INTERPERSONAL
DALEY, FRANCIS A 1983 Proposal For A Multipurpose Performing Arts Center THEATRE
DALLY, FRANK 1986 Market Strategy For Candlewood Playhouse MARKETING
DAMATO, ROBERT 1988 Leadership And WCSU Football Team GROUP
D'ARCY, KATHLEEN 1990 Tawana Brawley: The Erosion Of Credibility RHETORIC
DAUPHIN, DANIELLE 1999 Remaking A Film; A Director's Problems And Solutions MEDIA
DAVEY, CAROLINE 1987 Communication: The Essence Of Negotiation INTERPERSONAL
DAVIS, HAROLD R. 1997 Radio:Still The Best Way To Sell Records? MEDIA
DAVIS, JEFFREY L. 1994 Improving The Communication Process Of The Greek Letter Community INTERPERSONAL
DAVIS, MARIANNA 2007 Teacher Immediacy and the Way it Affects Cognitive Learning EDUCATION/NONVERBAL
DAVIS, SHARON HONORS Spouse's Role During A Campaign POLITICAL
DAVIS, SHARON 1991 Comm, Quality Of Life. And The Terminally Ill INTERPERSONAL
DE BOY, DAVID 1994 Pepsi -- The Choice Of A New Generation TV ADVERTISING
DEBOY, DAVID 1995 Hearing Society/Deaf People SIGN LANGUAGE x
DECKER, BRIAN 1980 Marketing Plan For Denquil MARKETING
DEFINE, DAVID 1986 Evolution Of Specialization SPEECH
DEFRIESSE, DEBRA 2001 Communication In A Child Care Center Accredited By The National Academy Of The Education Of Young Children ORGANIZATIONAL
DEL SIGNORE, EDDY 1999 Immediacy:Emotional Responses Filtered Through TV Programing MEDIA
DELEON, CYNTHIA 1989 Teachers' Nonverbal Expression Toward Hispanic NONVERBAL
DELOGE, TOM 1997 MTV And Politics MEDIA X
DELUZIO, BRENDA 1996 You've Got The Look: Female Physical Attractiveness/Self-Image ADVERTISING
DEMPSTER, WILLIAM 1987 Broadway's Slumps:Causes And Effects THEATRE
DENEGRIS, LYNN 1987 Intergender Nonverbal Cues NONVERBAL
DICESARE, AMY 1993 The Performance Of Everyday Life: An Application Of Erving Goffman's Dramaturgical Model INTERPERSONAL
DILEO, PAUL 1982 Inetrpersonal Comm & The Emotionally Handicapped INTERPERSONAL
DILILLO 1995 Virtual Reality:Is It A Technology For The Future? MEDIA
DINSMORE, MARGARET 1998 The Pleasant Disguise Of Illusion THEATRE
DINUNNO MARINO M. 2000 Virtual Reality: Positive Or Negative Effect On Future Society TECNOLOGY
DIVENUTO, FRANK 1999 Analysis Of Effectiveness Of Safe Zone Training Program At WCSU ORGANIZATIONAL
DONAHUE, KELLY 1991 Communication In The Single Child Family FAMILY
DORELIEN, CHRISTOPHER 2000 Communicating Across Culture In The Workplace ORGANIZATIONAL
DORN, CAROL 1984 Breaking Barriers Between Audience And Performer THEATRE
DOUVLOS, JOHN 1988 Human Territoriality NONVERBAL
DOWNEY, ELIZABETH 1987 Getting Into Character: Stanislavsky Method THEATRE
DRAXDORF, MARK 1984 Theatre As A Means Of Persuasion ("Streamers") PERSUASION
DRYDEN, PHILIP 1989 American Film Industry At War: Vietnam FILM
DUDEK, LISA 1989 Persuasion Through Video VIDEO
DUELL, LINDA 1984 Intercultural & Interpersonal Comm Of Blacks INTERCULTURAL
DUFFY, GREG 1998 Vietnam At The Movies: Analysis FILM
DUTTON, COLIN 1991 Factors Influencing Costume Designing THEATRE
DYE-RUTHERFORD,KATHLEEN 1995 Are There Gender Differences In Conversational Style? LANGUAGE X
EASON, ANTONIO M. 2000 How To Make A Quality Pornographic Film In The Wake Of The New Millenium MEDIA
EDDY, JENNIFER 1991 The Founding Of D'art THEATRE
EIFERT, KATHLEEN M. 2000 From Top Hat And Tails To White Socks And Loafers: THEATRE
EIFERT, KRISTIN 1995 The Techniques Of Choreography THEATRE
ELLIOTT, DONALD 1990 Sponsors And Minor League Baseball PROMOTION
Elmore, Leon 1996 STD information and Condom use Health X
ELY, THOMAS X no record Credibility Of Speakers (With Pitman) RHETORIC
ERCOLE, RICHARD 1996 Evolution Of Shakespeare's Shylock THEATRE
ERIKSON, WILLIAM 1984 A View Of The Social Impact Of MTV MASS MEDIA
ERIKSON, WILLIAM 1984 TV Viewing: Feelings Of Fear MASS MEDIA
EVANS, ANNE 1990 Has The Level Of Self-Disclosure Chagned Among Couples In The 50'S Compared To Present Time? INTERPERSONAL
FAATH, ANTHONY J. 1994 Conflict Resolution:Gender Difference In Residence Hall Life INTERPERSONAL
FAGAN, KELLY 2000 Do The Meanings Men And Women Associate With Words Tend To Make One Gender More Concretely Oriented Than The Other? INTERPERSONAL
FAIRCHILD, JOHN 1982 The God's Honest Truth: Christian Theatre Sketches THEATRE
FAMIGLIETTE, STEVEN 1995 Analytic Investigations Of Social Penetration Theory HUMAN RELATIONS x
FAVOCCIA, KATHLEEN 2000 Occurrences Of Code Switching In American Sign Language LANGUAGE
FAY, MICHAEL 1995 MTV:Premises, Promises, And Products TV x
FECAROTTA, PATRICIA 2000 Make And Female Perceptions Of Attraction INTERPERSONAL
FERNANDES, TINA 1999 Distance Learning In The United States: An Historical Outlook EDUCATION
FERRARA, KIMBERLY 1988 Perceptions Of WCSU Student Leadership GROUP
FERRARO, LUISA 1990 Celebrity Endorsements In Advertising ADVERTISING
FERRERI, TONI 1995 Milk Advertisements And Product Promises ADVERTISING
FINNEGAN, DALE 1979 Children's Theatre In The Public Elementary School THEATRE
FITZMAURICE, JAMES C. 1993 The Social Learning Theory: A Study Of Self-Efficacy INTERPERSONAL
FLUSKEY, DARLEEN 1993 Teacher Expectancies In The Classroom EDUCATION
FLYNN, ALINE 1999 Story Dramatization: Adapting Children's Literature For Live Presentation THEATRE
FLYNN, ALINE R. 1997 Story Dramatization:Adapting Children's Literature For Live Presentation THEATRE
FLYNN, CHRISTINE 1990 Attribution Theory THEORY
FOITO, SCOTT 1996 Differences In Lighting Techniques THEATRE
FOLEY, EDWARD 1986 The Art Of Voir Dire RHETORIC
FOREMAN, MARLENE 1979 Self-Esteem In Communication INTERPERSONAL
FORTE, APRIL 1999 Can Men And Women Be Taught To Be Better Readers Of Facial Expressions? INTERPERSONAL
FOSTER, AMY 1995 Richards' Approach In Analysis RHETORIC
FOSTER, LISA 1988 Communication Patterns In Alcoholic Families FAMILY
FOURNIER, HOLLICE 1988 Communication Gap Between Trad & Non-Trad Students INTERPERSONAL
FOX, STEPHANIE 1999 A Guide To Campaign Organizing For Campus Clubs And Organizations PROMOTION
Fraley, Kristin 1996 Boundaries Of Disclosure Among Emergency Medical Personnel INTERPERSONAL X
FRANCIS, SHELDON 1990 Black Woman As The Stabilizing Force In The Family FAMILY
FROHLICH, RICHARD 1991 Adaptation & Production Of A Narrative (+Tape) RADIO
FRONGILLO, RANDALL 1988 Comics And Rock Music MEDIA
GABINELLI, KAREN 1988 Persuasive Strategy In A Lawyer's Closing Argument PERSUASION
GABINELLI, MICHAEL 1982 Edmund Kean: One Man Show (Production) THEATRE
GALLIGAN, MARY 1984 Critique Of The Homequity Quality Worklife Program" BUSINESS
Gallo, Nicole 1994 Persuasion And Compliance Gaining: Strategies Used By Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives RHETORICAL ANALYSIS X
GALLO, SUZANNE 1994 Elements Of Persuasion Used By Lawyers In A Courtroom Setting RHETORICAL COMMUNICATION
GANNON, KATHY 2007 Does Advertising Have a Huge Impact On Obesity? ADVERTISING
GANT, CLEMENTINE X no record Historical Look At The Black Image Of THEATRE
GARDNER-RHYNDERS, DARLENE 1994 Proxemic Elements In El School Classrooom HUMAN RELATIONS
GARRIEPY, LAURA 1988 Socialization Process Of New Employees BUSINESS
GASPAR, MICHAELA. 1997 Sixty Seconds Of Persuasion MEDIA ADVERTISING
GAYNOR, BERNADETTE 1996 Reciprocal Self-Disclosure And Relationship Satisfaction INTERPERSONAL
GENOVESE, WILLIAM 1986 Brian Depalma: Poor Man's Hitchcock FILM
GERBACK, JANINE 1988 Egocentric And Interpersonally Aware Children INTERPERSONAL
GHECAS, DEMETRIOS 1986 Union Carbide's Pr Strategies After Bhopal PUB REL
GHEE, CATHERINE 1991 Quality: Revolution In American Business BUSINESS
GHEE, THOMAS, JR 1984 Getting Along: Comm In Corporate Environment BUSINESS
GHIO,RENATO F. 1992 Prime-Time Crime:A Study Of TV's Reality Based "Cops" TV
GIDDINGS, NATALIE 1994 Virtual Reality MEDIA
GLISSMAN, DOROTHY 1991 Comm Characters Of M & F Corporate Managers MANAGEMENT
GOETZ, SANDRA R. 1997 Gender Differences In Nonverbal Communication NONVERBAL
GOLDSEN, BRUCE 1981 Development Of Radio Programming RADIO
GOODIN, JOYCE 1980 American Television TV
GORHAM, EILEEN 1999 What Is The Impact Of Teasing On Sibling Relationships? FAMILY
GRANT, ANTHONY 1991 Crime Stories In Black And White Newspapers PERCEPTION
GRANT, CYNTHIA A. 1994 A Journey From Our Easy And Uneasy Chair: Traveling Down The Information Superhighway MEDIA
GRASSO, MARK 1986 Differences In Press Coverage Of Hanoi Bombing MASS MEDIA
GREEN, ROBERT R. JR. 1993 Facades Of Deceit:The Bane Of Communication Between Men INTERPERSONAL
GREENBERGER, DAVID 1983 Effects Of Alcohol On Speech SPEECH
GREGA, KIM 1988 Gender Differenc In Facial Display: Smiling NINVERBAL
GREGORY, JORDAN 1991 Media Perspective Vs The Reality Of The "Superwoman" PERCEPTION
GREINER, J.L. 1996 Persuasive Pataki LANGUAGE
GRIFFING, SUSAN 1986 The Belle Of Amherst (Production) THEATRE
GRIZE, WILLIAM 1988 Psychodelic Movement In Music HISTORY
GROVER, JESSICA D. 1996 Acting To Learn: The Use Of Creative Dramatics In Elementary Schools THEATRE
GUINIPERO, JOHN 1997 Do The Attitudes Of Men On Who They Date Change Through Years Of Experience? INTERPERSONAL
GUTHRIE, DARLENE 1990 Probation Officers' Comm Style & Success Rate INTERPERSONAL
GUZALLIS, LAURA 1992 The Influence Of Black/White Stereotyping As Related To Crime PERCEPTIONS
GZYMS, MICHAEL 1988 Business Communication BUSINESS
GZYMS, MICHAEL 1986 Business Communication ORGANIZATIONAL
GZYMS, MICHAEL 1986 Rock Music: A Correlation MUSIC
HABIB, VICTORIA 1987 Analysis Of Communication Strategies In Prisons PERSUASION
HADDAD, FADY 1993 Intercultural Communications In Advertising ADVERTISING
HADDAD, KEVIN A. 1996 Gamblers In The Film: Fact Or Fiction? MEDIA
HADLEY, KEITH 1995 ...Dress Codes In Public Schools...Moral, Admin Or Cultural Decision NONVERBAL
HAESELER, KARL A. 1994 The "Fem" Lesbian And The "Butch" Gay Male SEX-ROLE PERCEPTIONS
HAGGERTY, KRISTIN 2000 A Study Of On-Line Chatrooms Vs. Oral Communication CMC
HAGUE, NORA 1983 Unifying Elements In Theatre THEATRE
HAJJ, MARY 1986 Changes In Gospel Music HISTORY
HAND, JUDITH 1985 Rules And Comm Patterns Of Children Of Alcoholics FAMILY
HANSEN, MICHELLE 1995 Developing Effective Styles Of Parenting: A Study Of Adult Children Of Alcoholics FAMILY
HARDING, BRIAN 1990 TV And Children's Perception Of Reality TV
HARKINS, GREGORY 1999 Improving Production Values Of Videoconferencing Through Principles Of Television And Theatre MEDIA
HARLOW, JASON M. 2000 A Content Analysis Of Jim Calhoun's Comments RHETORIC
HARRADINE, AMY 1988 Techniques For Recruiting Volunteer Workers PERSUASION
HARRIGAN, MAURA, C. 1995 Has Space Changed Within Futuristic Dormatories... NONVERBAL
HARRIS, BARBARA 1988 Dolphins And Human Communication ANIMAL
HARRISON, JOAN HONORS Rhetorical Chronology Of The '88 Campaign POLITICAL
HARRISON, JOAN 1989 Rhetorical Analysis Of Female Humor RHETORIC
HATSCHER, NANCY ANN 1993 Why Do People Lie In Interpersonal Relationships INTERPERSONAL
HAUSMAN, AUDRA X no record Strategies Of Conflict Resolution And Marital Relationshop Satisfaction FAMILY
HAVRIS, OANA A. 2000 Discovering Ionesco's Ronanian Heritage THEATRE
HEALY, DANIELLE 1987 A Touch Of Hospitality (Tape) VIDEO
HEARTY, PATRICK E. 1992 A Comparison Of Televised News Broadcast And Other Selected News Programs MEDIA
HENDLER, MELISSA 2001 Intra Personal Communication And Perceived Self Esteem INTERPERSONAL
HENNESSEY, LISA 1994 Social Expectations Of Female Body Image INTERPERSONAL
HENRIQUES, ELISABETE 1997 Perceptions Of Intercultural Relationships Among A Diverse Population Of Females PERCEPTIONS
HESS, FREDERIKA 1988 Art & Reality In Soviet Cinema FILM
Heyel, Christina 1996 Effect of Space Encroachment on Faculty NONVERBAL
HEYEL, ELIZABETH J. 1994 Interpersonal Influence In Persuasion ADVERTISING
HILL, MAUREEN 1988 Portrayal Of Women In Film FILM
HODGES, MICHELLE 2007 Interactive Whiteboards: The Latest Classroom Technology EDUCATION/TECHNOLOGY
HOFFMANN, TRACY 1998 Trash, Talk, And Television TV
HOLDER, DALE R.F 1993 The Evolution Of The Black Family In TV Comedy Sitcoms TELEVISION
HORTON, MAUREEN 1988 Color, Music, And Lighting In _Blue Velvet_ FILM
HOWLAND, PETER 1987 Communication Channels Between Faculty & Admin ORGANIZATIONAL
HRONEC, JOSEPH X no record Auditioning THEATRE
HUBERMAN, MARC L. 1997 Post Production In The New Millennium THEATRE
HUGHES, KATE 1988 Conversational Rules In "Peanuts" INTERPERSONAL
HUGHES, ROBERT 1986 The Law Enforcement Administrator As Communicator PUB REL
HUMPHREVILLE, KIM E. 1996 Technique & Technology TV NEWS X
HURGIN, JEANNE HONORS Pre-Election Polling & Rhetoric Of '88 Campaign POLITICAL
HURGIN, JEANNE HONORS Pre-Election Polling And The '88 Campaign POLITICAL
HURGIN, JEANNE 1989 Pre-Election Polling And The '88 Campaign POLITICAL
HUSTUS, HUNTER 1983 Persuasive Techniques PERSUASION
INTRIERE, NANCY 1992 The Road To Stage Management THEATRE
ITRI, CATHY 1979 Changing Amf's Corporate Image BUSINESS
JAKOBSSON, PETER J. 1996 Gender-Related Differences In Web-Pages CMC
JANELLI, KEN 1995 Attribution Theory:Creating Causal Inferences CULTURAL RELATIONSHIPS
JANNETT, PEGGY 1981 TV--New Pied Piper TV
JAROSZ, LAURA 1986 Relevancy Of Cicero's Emotional Appeals RHETORIC
JOHNSON, JENNIFER 1981 Dynamics Of Stress On Communication INTERPERSONAL
JOHNSON, JENNIFER L. 1995 Elementary Educators On Computer Technology EDUCATION/TECHNOLOGY x
JONES, JENNIFER 1997 Persualsion Of Generation X MEDIA
JONES, JUMA 2000 How Immediacy Helps Varsity Athletes Cope With Stress NONVERBAL
JOUDY, JOHN M. 1997 Operation Desert "Media" Shield MEDIA
JOYCE, ANN M 1995 Who's Saving Face: INTERPERSONAL x
JUDSON, TODD 1996 Stanislavsky To Strasberg THEATRE
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