Lawrence Andrews Work

(eai, vdb) An I For An I (1987) 18 min
(eai)Anal Denial 2:23 min
(eai, vdb) "and they came riding into town on Black and Silver Horses" (1992) 30 min
(eai)Birthday 2:21 min
(eai, vdb) Cultural Diminish (1988) 23 min
The Library (1990) installation
(eai, vdb) Strategies for the development of/Redifining the purpose served/Art in the age of . . . A.K.A. the Making of the Towering Inferno (1989) 23 min
(eai) Selections From The Library (1990) 4:44 min [Birthday & Anal Denial ]

(eai) Available from E.A.I.
(vdb) Available from Video Data Bank

Lawrence Andrews