Max Almy Characteristics

Max Almy crystallizes cultural cliches into biting commentary, in tapes employing a narrative format and a strong sense of theatre to explore the uneasy relation between humans and technology. Using sophisticated production techniques, often with an ironic twist, her work questions the values of contemporary society, especially values of speed, efficiency and consumerism.
--Video Databank Catalog

Max Almy enjoyed renown for her work throughout the 1980's. She was a modern artist specializing in video production. By incorporating dramatic theatrics, sophisticated video production, and passionately relevant themes, Max Almy has a style all her own.

Almy's work reveals the artist's strong sense of theatrics. Many of her films incorporate talented and vivacious actors. The use of narration is key; it changes from bold, to mocking, to forceful, to confusion. Almy, in the peak of the 80's, also used catchy audio techniques from background music to sound effects.

Her use of sophisticated video production is characteristic as well. Almy uses modern digital video effects that morph the picture in all types of ways. Images are distorted, they overlap and interchange, and animation is also incorporated. Almy also enjoys working with color; the color is often bold and eye-catching.

Almy is most famous for the reoccurring themes portrayed in her work. Her ongoing themes are those that study the relationship between humans and technology. She establishes her interest in marketing and consumerism. Her films explore the ties between television and the "impossible consumer fantasy". It seems as if her work displays the belief that anything can be marketed and consumed, even technology, politics, and sex.
--Robin Currier, 2001

Max Almy