Survey of a Critical Response

Max Almy has received wide recognition for her work in artistic video. In the article "Techno-pop" in the monthly newspaper Afterimage, author Christine Tamblyn offers a positive critical evaluation of Almy's work.

Tamblyn states that Max Almy is ahead of her time with a style all her own. Tamblyn describes Almy's work as "high-tech" and "razzle dazzle", with futuristic special effects and a breathtaking rhythmic speed usually associated with commercials. Tamblyn suggests that Almy produces "slickly attractive work that fetishizes high technology while simultaneously purporting to critique it".

Tamblyn was especially intrigued by the fact that Almy's videos are open minded and non-judgmental. Tamblyn explains, "Although Almy frequently alludes to socially relevant topics in her recent tapes, she refrains form either analyzing them or offering a decisive point of view about their implications". Tamblyn finds Almy's work refreshing because Almy explores large cultural dilemmas without attempting to critique or resolve them, and that Almy "ultimately succeeds in evoking an ambivalent response of both mesmerization and revulsion".
--Robin Currier

Max Almy