Claire Bain Biography

-San Francisco Art Institute: Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1989; Sobel Memorial Scholarship, 1986
-City College of SF: Art, Filmmaking, 1985-1986; Spanish,1994; Dean's honor list 1986 & 1994
-Attended workshops on Art Education, Youth Development and Reggio Emilia approach to Early Childhood Education 1993-2003
-University of New Mexico: Studies in dance, sculpture, math and physics, 1979-1983
-University of California, Berkeley Extension: Studies in Geology and Illustration, 1983-1984
-Albuquerque Technical - Vocational Institute: Diploma, Civil and Map Drafting Technology, 1977

Film and Video Editor/Videographer/Associate Producer Freelance, 1985 - present
Film and Video Instructor (children, youth, adults), Mission Cultural Center 1996 - 97;
Private Video Instructor 2002; Film Arts Foundation 2003
Motion Picture Optical Printing Technician Interformat, San Francisco 1985-87
Teaching Assistant San Francisco Art Institute Film Department 1987-89
Film Department Academic Office Coordinator San Francisco Art Institute 1987-89 and 1995
Projectionist, Teaching Assistant City College of San Francisco 1985-86

Art Education Workshops presenter, independently and through Cine-Femme
Art Instructor, Artist in Residence (all San Francisco unless otherwise noted):
-Art Specialist, JCC Preschool at Brotherhood Way 1999 - 2003
-Artist in Residence, Moscone Elementary School 1997 - 2002
-Art Instructor (children & youth), contract Muralist, Precita Eyes Muralists 1993 - 2000
-Artist in Residence, through Leap, many Bay Area Schools 1996 - present
-Art Instructor (after school), Brandeis Hillel Day School 1994 - 2002
Curriculum researcher Children's Mural Project and Bayview Opera House
Environmental Education Program, under the direction of Heidi Hardin 2001

Muralist and Film/Video/Performance/Installation Artist 1985 - present (please see attached Filmography and Mural list)

Currently President, Canyon Cinema Board of Directors; Past member, Precita Eyes Muralists Board of Directors

Other Employment:
1989-93: Environmental Science/Drafting Technician Converse Environmental West, SanFrancisco
1977-1985; Employment in drafting, mapping, civil engineering design and analysis

Claire Bain