Claire Bain Work

As Long As It Takes (1998) 3 min video
A Boat Called Karma (2001) installation (super 8 film, slides, sound on cassette)
Calendar Boys: The Year in Review (with Monica Sanchez) (1998) 12 min video
El Capistrano (1999) 10 min S8mm
Evil Sky (1992) 3 min S8mm
(Ca)Found Out (1987) 2:30 min 16mm (also video)
(Ca)ITSME Part 1 (1986) 2 min 16mm (also video)
(Ca)ITSME Part 2: Family Album (1987) 10 min 16mm (also video)
(Ca)ITSME Part 3: Gee, Dad! (1989) 10 min 16mm
Jenn' n Dave (with Alfred Hernandez) (1999) 5 min video
Jennifer! (1998) 12 min video
Jennifer!/My Business is Art (2001) performance (super 8 & 16mm film, video)
The Korgy Plaque (1998) 12 min video
Marie's One Minute Beauty (1998) 4 min video
Meat (1995) 5 min video
(Ca)Natural Light Essay Number 1 (1986) 3 min 16mm (also video)
New years Resolution ( with Alfred Hernandez) (2000) 30 min double channel video
Petroglyph Park (1993) 15 min S8mm
Travelogue: Salt (1987) 12 min S8mm
Vel and the Bus (1993) 30 min S8mm
(Ca)Vel and the Earthquake (1989) 3 min S8mm (also video)
(Ca)Vel Richards Presents VDT Health (1991) 6 min S8mm (also video)

(Ca) Available from Canyon Cinema Cooperative


(Located in San Francisco, CA unless noted otherwise)

"Regarding Here" 100 block of San Jose Street. Directed and painted site-specific mural

Series of murals by students of Bayshore Elementary School, Daly City, CA Mural based on poetry by students of Las Americas children's Center

"Fruits of _Expression" - Directed, painted mural with youth apprentices at Working Classroom, Inc., Albuquerque, New Mexico10 murals by students at Dr. Charles Drew Elementary School

Untitled - guests & employees of American Youth Hostel
"The Warfield Passages" - Directed, painted mural on the historic Warfield Theater Community mural with intergenerational participants in Little Brothers/Sisters, YMCA
Portable murals by students at Visitacion Valley Middle School with Poets in the Schools "My Brothers and Sisters on This Wall" - Interior mural at Compass Community Center for homeless families

"Fanciful Folk and Fairy tales" - students of Moscone Elementary
"YouthTopia" - portable murals by youth, Coleman Advocates for Children & Youth
"My Place in the Community" - Co-directed mural by youth, Edgewood Family Center
"Our Communities" - students of John Yehall Chin Elementary
"San Francisco " - second grade class, Town School for Boys

"Under the Sea" - students of Alice Fong Yu Elementary
"Land, Sea and Sky" - students of Bayshore Elementary, Daly City, CA
"Endangered Species" - GATE students, Los Cerritos Elementary, South San Francisco

Portable murals for Super Saturday Plus Conducted mural design workshop at Henry Ohloff Clinic
Portable mural for Bethany Center Senior Residence

"Tender Harmony" - community mural on Hospitality House (homeless youth)
"Frisco's Wild Side" - One of five principal artists on mural, Langton Street
"Save The Rain forest" - children's mural project at El Dorado School
Co-directed four portable murals with Marta Ayala at The Mexican Museum, Fort Mason
Conducted portable mural project at Guerrero House (homeless youth)
"Carnaval" - Assisted in painting of mural on PG & E wall, Harrison Street
"A Place of Recovery" Assisted in painting and documentation of mural at Youth Guidance Center
Conducted portable mural project for Ethnic Literature classes at George Washington High School

"Maestrapeace" - Assisted in design, painting and documentation of Women's Building Mural
"Los Dragones son Verdad" Co-directed children's mural project at Las Americas School
Assisted in research, design and painting of community mural at Mt. Zion Hospital

Directed children's mural project and restored existing mural at Hunter's Point Community Youth Park
"Your Eyes Embrace My World" - Assisted in design, painting and documentation of mural
"Welcome" - Assisted in the painting of mural at City College of San Francisco, Bartlett Campus

Claire Bain