David Brooks Work

(F)Carolyn and Me: Part One 33 min 16mm
(F)Carolyn and Me: Part Two 35 min 16mm
(F)Carolyn and Me: Part Three 36.5 min 16mm
(F)Eel Creek (1968) 7 min 16mm
(F)Jerry (1963) 3 min 16mm
(F)Letter to D.H. in Paris (1967) 4 min 16mm
(F)Nightspring Daystar (1964) 18 min 16mm
(F)The Wind Is Driving Him Toward the Open Sea (1968) 52 min 16mm
(Ca, F) Winter (1964-1996) 1000sec 16mm

(Ca) Available from Canyon Cinema Cooperative
(F) Available from Filmmakers Cooperative

David Brooks