Pick Up Your Feet, The Double Dutch Show

Skip Blumberg's film Pick Up Your Feet, The Double Dutch Show. This film first aired in 1981, on Channel 13 in New York. This film takes place at the Lincoln center (Fountain Plaza) in New York City. Skip Blumberg was always interested in motion including dance and the circus. He was selected as an artist in residence at the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, where he produced Earle Murphy's Winter Olympics, which got him into sports for the first time. After making this film he wanted to make a film about a sport that wasn't well known. He decided to do a film on double Dutch. Blumberg grew up in an integrated community, so he wanted to do something that reminded him of growing up in New York City.

In this film Blumberg watches the participants from their intense practice to their competitions. He follows them around and interviews the participants to get their feelings about the overall competition, and to show how many hours of practice goes into this. This film captures the participants with their acrobatics jump roping skills. In this film Blumberg conveys the significance of team sports for these teenagers.

This film won three NYC's Emmys for best sports show plus craft awards for camera and editing. Also the film won the Ohio State Journalism Award, The National Black Consortium Best Cultural Program and many other words. It is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art and is considered a classic documentary video.

Skip Blumberg is still in touch with some of the jumpers in the film who are now in their thirties. The video demonstrates how intense Double Dutch is. The participants in the film do some very complex tricks and Double Dutch looks like a lot of work.

--Jennifer Brown. 2004

Skip Blumberg