Psychos in Love

Of all the films we made, I liked this one the best for several reasons. Foremost is that we had total control over the process - from script to soundtrack to editing. We had no one looking over our shoulders because this was made without being presold. Plus I was allowed to do as much fooling around/ad-libbing as I wanted since we we're going to edit the film and didn't need to send a script to the editor. It was a more relaxed film to make though the schedule was just as hectic as the others. We would come up with sillier things at the set and oft times improved on the script.

Being that it was a genre that we could spoof so easily and with so many wacky things was great fun. Gorman and I were big fans of Groucho and Monty Python that the material we stole was never considered stolen. It was always considered an homage. I'm impressed with the cult status it has acquired but the real impression comes from the fact that the appeal runs from the lowest common denominator of horror fan that just digs the blood and boobies to the film "elite" if you will, who appreciate the obscure references and the satire.


Gorman Bechard