Robert Breer Characteristics

Breer works mainly with animation and has been working in the field of experimental animation and the moving picture for 50 years. Breer studied painting at Stanford University, and later in Zadkine's studio in Paris, where he studied the path of film from the still to the moving picture. His "graphic cinema" --as film theorist P. Adams Sitney called it--is an expression of the complete fusion of art and film. His work, however, is not absolute, but is characterized by humor, criticism and reflection as regards content.
--Miguel Pickering, 2000

.....very cool........
Loved the images and Breer's use of various materials, including pen and ink, paint and photography( and whatever else he used to create the images). Some of the drawings were beautiful. I really liked the drawings of the conductor.[Fuji} So simple and yet beautiful in their simplicity. Personally, I have always loved line drawings. One is able to capture so much, using so little ink. I also love his use of color. The changing mountain in the distance was wonderful, very graphic, very colorful and the constantly changing speeds captured my attention. The second film [T.Z.]was great. The shot of the bridge intermingled with the drawing of the bridge was very cool, as well as the other drawings. This struck me as a kind of a "day in the life" film. I would definitely be interested in seeing more of his work.
--Donna Albano, 2001

Robert Breer