Pola Chapelle Work

(F)Fishes in Screaming Water 6 min 16mm
(F)Going Home (with Adolfas Mekas)
(F)How To Draw a Cat (1973) 3 min 16mm
(F)Intercat '69 ( a collection of films) 96 min 16mm
  • Oma by Peter Knupple
  • Cats by Robert Breer
  • Catfood by Joyce Wieland
  • The Perils of Priscilla by Carol Ballard
  • Fluffy the Kitten by Kenneth & Grayce Space
  • Meeoow by Joan Shulof
  • Cat Film for Ursula by Standish Lawder
  • Minnaloushe by Andrew Sugarman
  • Fishes in Screaming Water by Paola Chapelle
  • The Private Life of a Cat by Alexander Hammid and Maya Deren
  • (F)Maltese Cat 3 min 16mm
    (F)A Matter of Boab--with one growth (1967) 3 min 16mm
    (F)Pola's Package 24 min 16mm
    (F)Those Memory Years (1972) 8 min 16mm

    (F) Available from Filmmakers Cooperative

    Pola Chapelle