Maxi Cohen Biography

Maxi Cohen is a producer of film, photography and video art. She has numerous award winning pieces that have inspired artist for years to come. She is responsible for bringing visual avant guard artwork to the masses and a new level.

Maxi Cohen was born in 1949 and went on to receive her bachelors and master's degrees form New York University. In the early seventies she was involved with the Alternate Media Center as well as, becoming the director of New York's Video Access Center. In 1974 she designed the first distribution system for video in the United States, called the Electronic Arts Intermix. She also was a member of the Independent Feature project as well as co-founded First Run Features, an independent film distributor.

Her documentary style of video and film art gives her the ability to capture human emotion at its rawest form. Her film Anger, part of the Seven Women, Seven Sins film, and her film South Central Los Angeles: Inside voices, both opened the public's eyes to a new style of documentary as well as received numerous awards for her brilliant depictions of emotion. Cohen also directed Joe and Maxi, which dealt with the personal loss of her father.

Cohen has received awards from the National Endowment of the Arts, Art Matters, New York's State Arts Council, and the Jerome Foundation. Her work has been viewed at numerous film festivals in such countries as Germany, Canada and Japan, as well as the Museum of Modern art and in several universities. She has taught at NYU and Pratt University. She currently resides in New York City.
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--Clifford Shoemaker, 2003

Maxi Cohen