Peter Cramer Work

(F)Black & White Study 1990 (1990) 8 min 16mm
(F) Coney Island (1987) 12 min video
(F)Corrective Measures: Politically Speaking (1986) 10 min video
The Flower Market (1994) (with Jack Waters)
(F) Haiku Series Parts I & III (1989) 6 min video
(F)Introducing Mr. Diana (with Jack Waters) (1996) 27 min video
Millenium March (2000) (with Jack Waters)
Patty Rocks the Blocks (1996)
Percodan and Wisdom (1995) (with Jack Waters)
Peter Palace Porn (2001)
Remnants (1997) (with Jack Waters)
Soma, Soma, Soma: Geoff Hendricks, William Pope.L, Patty Chang (2000)
Short Memory/No History: AIDS Art Activism (2001) (with Jack Waters)
Updated by Jillian Vidal, 2010.

(F) Available from Filmmakers Cooperative

Peter Cramer