Joseph Cornell Work

(F) Angel (c. 1957) 3 min 16mm
(F)Aviary (1955) 5 min 16mm
(F) The Aviary/Nymphlight/A Fable for Fountains (with Rudy Burckhardt) (1955-1957) 18:45 min 16mm
(F)Bookstalls 10:45 min 16mm
(F) By Night With Torch and Spear (19??) 8.5 min 16mm
(Ca, F) Centuries of June (1955) 10 min 16mm (see Tower House)
(F) Children (c. 1957) 8 min 16mm
The Children's Party (1940s) with Larry Jordan
The Children's Party (1969)
(F) Cloches a Travers Les Feuilles (c. 1957) 4.5 min 16mm
Cotillion (1969)
(Ca, (F) Gnir Rednow (with Stan Brakhage) (1955-196?) 6 min 16mm (also listed as Wonder Ring)
(F) Joanne, Union Sq. (1955) 8 min 16mm
(F) A Legend for Fountains (1957-70) 16.5 min 16mm
The Midnight Party (1969),
(F) Mulberry Street (c. 1957) 9 min 16mm
(F) New York--Rome--Barcelona--Brussels 9:45 min 16mm
(F)Nymphlight (c. 1957) 7.5 min 16mm
(F) Rose Hobart (1939) 19.5 16mm
(Ca)3 by Cornell (with Larry Jordan) (1940s) 25 min 16mm
  • Cotillion
  • The Midnight Party
  • The Children's Party
  • (Ca)3 More by Cornell (with Larry Jordan) (1940s) 24 min 16mm
  • Carrousel
  • Jack's Dream
  • Thimble Theatre
  • "Tower House" (photographed by Stan Brakhage under working titles "Bolts of Melody" and "Portrait of Julie"; finally became Cornell's Centuries of June) (1955-196?) 10 min 16mm
    (F) Vaudeville De-Luxe 12 min 16mm
    What Mozart Saw on Mulberry Street (with Rudy Burckhardt) (1956) 6 min 16mm

    Joseph Cornell