"Moon Gates" uses some of Doris Chase's sculpture made up of basic shapes such as circles cut out of columns. A dance choreographer, Mary Staton suggested that Doris have The Staton dancers dance among her sculptures.

In Moon Gates Ms. Chase does have the Mary Staton dance troupe dancing among some of her sculptures. With the opening of this film, one can see why it is entitled "Moon Gates": As the dancers dance within and outside of the shapes of the sculptures, and move the sculptures around as they dance, the sculptures suggest the moon in different phases.

Moving the sculptures around is what changes the phases of the moon. The dancers' bodies moving within the circles of the moon create what appears to one's imagination to be the shape of the face of the "man in the moon". Chase further proves her talent by superimposing the images and the dancers; and by manipulating the colors of her sculptures and of the dancers with a control board.

Doris Chase is a well known, accomplished artist who is a painter, sculptor, and Film and Video artist who has returned to painting "emotionally". Ms. Chase works out of New York City and Seattle, Washington. The work she has done for the City of Seattle is "kinetic in the sense that the upper piece of the sculpture moves on top of the piece under it."

The combination of music and dance, with her sculpture and the manipulation that Chase does with color and form makes this an intriguing and very enjoyable work.

Ms. Chase presently works with Film and Video more than her other art media.

--Margaret Evans

Doris Chase Work