Ama l'Uomo Tuo (Always Love Your Man)

Cara DeVito's film, Always Love Your Man is a very strong film that touched me.

This film is a documentary of DeVito's grandmother. It captures the values and beliefs that the Grandmother was brought up to believe in. Even though these values brought hardship and pain in her life, you see through out the film; she still lives the way she was "trained" to live. For her whole life, Devito's grandmother was suppressed by the power of "man". She kept quiet and obeyed demands without question. In this film she speaks out and tells her story. The side the public didn't see.

Even though she is old and frail the grandmother is portrayed as a strong woman through the lighting. Her face is always illuminated and she is the main character and narrator.

This film is a very powerful piece of art. It caught my attention and I had to watch it twice. After watching the film I understood how the title, "Always Love Your Man", contributes to this film. Once I watched, as a woman, I realized that saying, "to love and honor til death do us part." may not always be fair or wanted.

--Alessandra Raffa

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