Cathode Ray Theatre

Video illusions created with experimental technology, this collection includes synthesized visual music and a unique form of "mime de style." The pantomime combines synthetic sets with the Iive performance of DeWitt in his mime persona, Zierot le Fou. One technique explored at length is video tapehead delay. Both picture and sound are echoed through multiple generations. This allows the mime to interact with an earlier recording of his own movement. In the visual music pieces this rhythmic repetition produces minimalist structures suggestive of Steve Reich and Phil Glass. The 1974 date of creation places Philharmonia, one of the included works, at the origin of this now recognized musical style.

Produced at WNET (The TV Lab), Syracuse University (Synapse), and SUNY/Albany (The Electronic Music Studio). Broadcast by PBS in 1975 and 1976.

Awards: First Prize, ReFocus 75; Computer Arts Festival, CUNY, 1974; Computer Arts Exhibition, Tokyo, 1976; Computing in Arts and Humanities, NYU, 1977.

1975, VHS, color/so, 30m

--Canyon Cinema Catalog

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