DeWitt Ditto Collaborative works

All music composed by Vibeke Sorensen.

Tom DeWitt Ditto with Vibeke Sorensen (TV) :

Dancing On Lakes Unknown (1980) 6m--Impressionist visual music.
Calypso Cameo (1983) 2m--Dynamic symmetry of Pythagorean geometry.

Tom DeWitt Ditto with Vibeke Sorensen and Dean Winkler (WTV):

Aquarelles (1980) 7m--Electronic watercolors.
Koan (1981) 3m--Simulated matte knife painting.
Tempest (1981) 4m-- The eye of a storm.
Voyage (1981) 8m--A trip inward and outward.

Awards and Exhibitions: Video Shorts, Seattle SIGGRAPH 83 Film Night; Atlanta Film and Video Festival, 1980; Video Shorts II; Infinity Forum, 1981; Grand Prize at the First International Visual Music Festival, UCLA, 1982; SIGGRAPH Art Show, 1982.

Package: 1980-1983, VHS, color/so, 30m

--Canyon Cinema Catalog

Tom DeWitt Ditto Work