My Mime

A survey of the artist's work in pantomime as captured on film and video using experimental technologies. Here the illusions are as much a product of the recording media as they are "mime de style." Walking Down Stairs uses an electronic waveform that looks like an escalator. In Balloonatics the lighter-than-air balloon is filled with electrons instead of helium. This proves that there is no gravity in a CRT. This program concludes with a demonstration of Pantomation, a machine-vision computer explicitly designed to integrate mime and dance with video and computer graphics.

Produced at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Video Synthesis Lab), WNET (TV Lab), Syracuse University (Synapse), and MRC Films (New York City)

Award: CAPS Video Festival, 1980.

1980, VHS, color/so, 30m.

--Canyon Cinema Catalog

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