Storm De Hirsch Work

(F) Aristotle 3.5 min S8mm
(Ca, F) Cayuga Run. Hudson River Diary: Book I (1967) 18 min 16mm
(F) Charlotte Moorman's Avant-Garde Festival #9 10 min S8mm
(F) The Color of Ritual The Color of Thought (1964-1967)
  • Divinations
  • Peyote Queen
  • Shaman, A Tapestry for Sorcerers
  • (F) Deep in the Mirror Embedded 14 min S8mm
    (F) Divinations (1964) 5.5 min 16mm
    (F) An Experiment in Meditation (1971) 18.5 min 16mm
    (F) Geometrics of the Kabbalah (1975) 11:15 min 16mm
    (F) Goodbye In the Mirror (1964) 80 min 16mm or 35mm
    (F) Ives House: Woodstock 11 min S8mm
    (F) Journey Around a Zero (1963) 3 min 16mm
    (F) Lace of Summer (1973) 4 min 16mm or S8mm
    (F) Malevich at the Guggenheim 5:45 min S8mm
    (F) Newsreel: Jonas in The Brig 5 min 16mm
    (Ca, F) Peyote Queen (1965) 9 min 16mm
    (F) The Recurring Dream 4 min S8mm
    (F) A Reticule of Love 3.5 min S8mm
    (F) River Ghost. Hudson River Diary: Book IV (1973) 9 min 16mm
    (F) September Express (1973) 6 min 16mm or S8mm
    (F) Shaman, A Tapestry for Sorcerers (1967) 12 min 16mm
    (F) Silently, Bearing Totem of a Bird 6:45 min S8mm
    (F) Sing Lotus (1966) 14 min 16mm
    (Ca, F) The Tatooed Man (1969) 35 min 16mm
    (F) Third Eye Butterfly (1968) 10 min 16mm
    (F) Trap Dance (1968) 1.5 min 16mm
    (F) Wintergarden. Hudson River Diary: Book III (1973) 5 min 16mm

    (Ca) Available from Canyon Cinema Cooperative
    (F) Available from Filmmakers Cooperative

    Storm De Hirsch