This is TV--America

Combining verite interviews, off-air footage and a Monty Pythonesque performance by the Air Farce players, this is a Docu-satire. News programs, commercials, soap operas, sports and game shows are presented as a deconstructivist video collage. Pantomime, stand-up comedy, and animation are used for the sstire. The off-air clips, some dating back to 1974, seem frighteningly current. A concluding commentary by Nicholas Johnson hints at how to talk back to your television set

Produced through the New York State Council on the Arts facilities at Syracuse University (Synapse) and WNET (The TV Lsb). Collaborators included Ralph Arlyck and Vibeke Sorenson.

Exhibited: Input 80 (Corp. of Public Broadcasting); Global Village Documentary Festival (1979); Hometown USA Festival (National Federation of Local Cable Programmers).

1979, VHS, color/so, 30m

--Canyon Cinema Catalog

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