This program is a collector of comic pantomime skits with high tech tricks. Multiple Identity Marathon , for example, was realized by matching processed images of mime performance to a caustic verbal attack on charitable telethons. The voices-over of Proctor and Bergman appeal for contributions while we see victims of "multiple identity" parade on the TV screen. Another skit, Just A Day In The Life Of . . . captures the routine of a 9 to 5 institutional drone. Based on the stage performance of the Denver-based mime Mike Berg, this video realization uses synthetic sets and props that graphically match the mime's environment. Finally, an excerpt from Gullible's Travels (1972) satirizes television hype with a viperous bite.

Produced at WNET (TV Lab), Syracuse University (Synapse), SUNY/Albany (Electronic Music Studio and Educational Communications Center), and Northern Michigan University.

Award: Second Ithaca Video Festival, 1976

1976, VHS, color/so, 30m

--Canyon Cinema Catalog

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