I thought that the first seconds of the film Sunstone say it all. One of the first scenes is a face coming out of the stone. It all just flowed together so nicely. The film starts off with soft colors and a moderate pace, and then the film moves on to brighter colors and a quick pace. The music is very instrumental to the picture. It added so much to the film even though there wasn't a lot of music in the film. I thought Emshwiller did a great job of adding the music in at the right spots.

Another thing that I enjoyed about the film was the person figure half way through the movie. Emshwiller started with an image of a sun in stone and then moved the sun in a three-dimensional box and then it went back to the sun. It almost has the viewer asking himself or herself why did he do that.

I thought Sunstone was a brilliant work of art that illustrated the shapes and figures beautifully.

--Stacey Miehe

Ed Emshwiller Work