Brian Frye Biography

Sources are inconsistent with Brian Frye's biographical information. While one source claims he was born in 1975, another cites that he was born in 1974. From what is gathered, Frye was born in California, where he earned filmmaking degrees at the University of California at Berkeley and at the San Francisco Art Institute. He worked toward another degree in cinema studies at New York University, and went on to study Law at Georgetown University. Frye is on the board of directors at the Filmmakers Cooperative in New York. Frye's interest in making short films has been evident since the early 1990's. Along with Bradley Eros, he ran the Robert Beck Memorial Cinema. This is a center which honors a deaf mute who, it has been reported, regained use of his ears and voice at a movie theater in the early twentieth century. Frye's work has been shown at several theaters, including Total Mobile Home in San Francisco, X-Film and Chicago Filmmakers in Chicago, Anthology Film Archives in New York City, Starlight Cinema in Madison, and Eiga Arts in Japan" (Privett, Kreul Aside from running the Robert Beck Memorial Cinema, Fry is constantly working on new projects.

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--Tom Farrell, 2004.

Brian Frye