Corwin Fergus Work

(Ca) Dark Clouds Over the Lake, Lone Bird Flies North, Through the Rain (1977) 7 min 16mm
(Ca) For Richard (1977-1980) 7 min 16mm
(Ca) Fragments from the Ruins of Fallen Films and Other Fallout (1981) 10 min 16mm
(Ca) Further Adventures in the North Woods, Including Recipes for Life on Earth, How It All Began, and What Went Wrong (1979-1981) 29 min 16mm
(Ca) Man on a Horse (1980) 10 min 16mm
(Ca) November Sketches (1978) 4 min 16mm
(Ca) Odyceka (1978-80) 10 min 16mm
(Ca) Reminiscence (1979-1980) 7 min 16mm

(Ca) Available from Canyon Cinema Cooperative

Corwin Fergus