Robert Frank Characteristics

Frank manipulates the movement of the camera to indicate the tone and feel of a situation whether relaxed or serious. He also incorporates a drastic mix of shots and angles: close ups, zooms, change of pace and camera shakes to replicate the feelings or messages of a specific subject. Frank's subject matter has been predominately biographical and the type, while although subtle, leans toward narrative. Frank depicts real life moments from the mundane to the dramatic for what they are without trivializing or dramatizing them. Rather, he relies on the cues of people's expressions, gestures and other non-verbal behaviors. This is where we are most likely to find a story rather than dialogue, which tends to be presented in short segments and seemingly superfluous. It can, however, provide insight into a character or subject. What we are looking at is an expression or presentation of a truth, of the meaning within life and the attempt to find such meaning for the individual or for society as a whole.

--Marina Coddaire, 2010.

Robert Frank