Robert E. Fulton Work

(Ca) Aleph (1982) 17.5 min 16mm (also video)
(Ca) Geography of Hope video
(Ca) Path of Cessation (1974) 15 min 16mm
(Ca) Running Shadow Part I (1987) 20 min video
(Ca) Running Shadow Part II (1987) 20 min video
(Ca) Starlight (1970) 4.5 min 16mm
(Ca) Street Film Part IV 30 min video
(Ca) Swimming Stone 14 min 16mm
Vineyard IV 3 min 16mm
(Ca) Wilderness: A Country in the Mind (1984) 20 min 16mm (also video)

(Ca) Available from Canyon Cinema Cooperative
(MOMa) Available from Museum of Modern Art

Robert E. Fulton