Annie Goldson Characteristics

Annie Goldson is a founding member of XChange TV, a network that distributed television broadcasts from Central America. A prolific video producer, Goldson has created numerous works documenting social injustice and the efforts of people around the world to throw off political oppression, from Northern Ireland and Nicaragua to the Black Panther Movement in this country. Originally from New Zealand, Goldson, along with Chris Bratton, co-produced the Counterterror series, a four-part experimental documentary series that examines how the label "terrorism" has been used to criminalize political dissent. Goldson is now living and working in New Zealand.

--Video Databank Catalog, Entry 1
Annie Goldson is an independent producer, writer, and teacher. In addition to the Counterterror series [with Chris Bratton] , Goldson has produced Wake/Taonga, a pair of films set in New Zealand, has worked as a coordinating producer on Deep Dish Television and Paper Tiger TV projects, and has published articles in Social Text, Afterimage, Global Television, and The Independent. She is also producer of the much acclaimed Women of the Market.

--Video Databank Catalog, Entry 2

Annie Goldson