Amy Greenfield Biography

Amy Greenfield currently resides in Staten, Island, New York. She is a poet and essayist as well as a video/filmmaker. She is currently on the faculty of The New School and has just completed her first book entitled, We Too Are Alive, which is a tribute to the World Trade Center disaster. In 2002, her writing was also featured in literary journals like Eclipse and Left Curve. She is most famous for her films, such as the 1991 feature film, Antigone/Rites of Passion which is now in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Collection. During the 1990’s, she showcased her poetry in Off-Off Broadway shows and she has written feature articles for various film magazines including the Lincoln Center Film Society’s magazine, Film Comment, and a New York Shakespeare Public Theater series, entitled "Seminal.”

During her career, she has received grants from the National Endowment of the Arts for her work. As she has achieved much success with her endeavors, her various films and videos have been viewed at the Museum of Modern Art, the New York International Film Festival at Lincoln Center, and in other countries such as Argentina, Japan, Canada, Italy, Istanbul and Israel.

Greenfield is known for showcasing body movement and dance in her work. She has a unique way of uniting video, music and poetry. She has a passion for the choreography in dance as she translates this passion through the camera and the video screen.

--Missy Briggs, 2006.

Amy Greenfield