Amy Greenfield Characteristics

Amy Greenfield's films are mainly of a feministic nature. Performance is usually the main focus of her films. Greenfield is fluent in the language of dance and body movement and thus, her films often portray feministic messages about human relationships and emotions through intense and passionate choreography. She tends to use natural backgrounds for a lot of her scenes in her films, such as the beach at the end of Videotape for a Woman and Man, and the woods, caves and desert in the feature film, Antigone/Rites of Passion. Thus, nature goes hand in hand with the raw human emotion that she features in much of her works.

Male and female relations are a popular theme in her films and she tends to choreograph movement that is extremely passionate, varying from extremely loving and highly erotic to even moments of extreme violence. Yet is all communicated through serious and definite movement. Freedom of expression is obviously a message and characteristic that Greenfield feels strongly about. Specifically, with the nudity that she herself displays in Videotape for a Woman and Man, and the uninhibited movements and connections she makes between all her performers in all of her works speak very clearly in terms of her feministic expressionism.

--Missy Briggs, 2006.

Amy Greenfield