Stephen E. Gebhardt Work

(F)Bluegrass at Beanblossom 25 min 16mm
(F)Cincinnati Answer Print 11 min 16mm
(F)Events and Stories, Part Two, Summer 1969 10 min 16mm
(F)Headache 9 min 16mm
(F)Herman Nitsch--An Introduction to the O.M. Theatre 9.5 min 16mm
(F)Indian Joe and Popeye, Giving You Good Adviceb 8.5 min 16mm
(F)Legendary Epics, Yarns & Fables
(F)L.E.Y. & F.--Part 1: Robert Nelson (with Robert Fries) 11 min 16mm
(F)L.E.Y. & F.--Part 2: Stan Brakhage (with Robert Fries) 9 min 16mm
(F)L.E.Y. & F.--Part 3: Peter Kubelka (with Robert Fries) 9 min 16mm
(F)L.E.Y. & F.--Part 4: The Kuchar Brothers (with Robert Fries) 13 min 16mm
(F)A Numbers Racket 5.5 min 16mm

(F) Available from Filmmakers Cooperative

Stephen E. Gebhardt