Peter Gidal Biography

Peter Gidal was born in 1946 and spent his childhood in Switzerland. He studied mostly theater, psychology, and German literature at two universities; Brandeis University and the University of Munich. He admired American film makers Michael Snow and Hollis Frampton and worked with a one of his close friends Andy Warhol . In 1968-71 Gidal made his way into the Royal College of Art, which is based in London and that's where his experimentation with film art began. Gidal Co-Founded the Independent Film-makers Association in 1975. Gidal also educated others in Advanced Film Studies, such as theory, until 1984.

In the 60's Peter Gidal's films were a hit in the "underground" halls in London. Every year following 1969 his films have been shown at the Edinburg Film Festival and the National Film Theater.

Peter Gidal's book Andy Warhol's Blow Job was to be published in April 2008 after the published film. The black and white film shows only the reactions and facial expressions on Andy's face while he receives fellatio from a woman who remains out of camera range.

--Jessica Viszkocsil, 2010.

Peter Gidal