Gary Goldberg Characteristics

The movies I watched were on tape, and shot in black and white. There were weird little story lines to them and I think I just didn't get it. The first one I saw was called "Plates", and showed two men sitting across from each other at a table. Both were dressed rather unusually, as they were wearing women clothes. They were fiddling with the plates on the table, and the suspense build up until one of the plates finally broke.

The second movie was called "Mesmer" and was about a man in a frock and cylinder, who was firing a revolver at a bulls eye target. He sits down and another person enters the scene. It is a man, again dressed as a woman, who starts stripping in front of character number one. The strip is observed for a while. Than the first man gets up and shoots the stripper. The audience can't even feel bad about that, as this was the worst strip in the history of time.

Gary Goldberg used fairly long takes, but they were silent movies. The action alone wasn't clear enough for me to understand what exactly was happening though. There was a lot happening, for reasons the audience doesn't know, and won't find out. All his films are between ten and twenty minutes long. The way the characters are dressed is rather confusing. I don't think he wanted to make cross dresser references, but rather grab the audiences' attention and make people think about what they're seeing. It makes you think about the images in front of you rather than the content and if they are making sense together. Personally I still didn't get it, but it was worth the experience.

--Daniela Puhlmann, 2006.

Gary Goldberg