Silvianna Goldsmith Work

(Ca)The Angel of Time (1991) 10 min video
(F)"Art Is a Party" (1975) 13.5 min 16mm
(Ca, F) Lil Picard (1981) 30 min 16mm (also video)
(Ca, F) Lil Picard, Art Is a Party (1975) 10 min 16mm (also video)
(Ca, F) Nightclub, Memories of Havana in Queens (1975) 6 min 16mm (also video)
(Ca) Oneiro: In the Shadow of Isadora (1987) 14 min video
(Ca, F) Orpheus Underground (1975) 40 min 16mm (also video)
(Ca, F) The Transformation of Persephone (1973) 11 min 16mm (also video)

(Ca) Available from Canyon Cinema Cooperative
(F) Available from Filmmakers Cooperative

Silvianna Goldsmith