Walter Gutman Work

(Ca) The Adoration of Suzy (1969) 16 min 16mm
(Ca, F)Benedict Arnold (1974) 105 min 16mm
(Ca, F) Bolex 11.5 min 16mm
(Ca, F) Circus Girls (1970) 30 min 16mm
(Ca) Clothed in Muscle--A Dance of the Body (1981) 37 min 16mm
(F) Dances From the Nature of Civilization (1972) 14 min 16mm
(Ca, F) The Erotic Signal (1978) 50 min 16mm
(F) The Grape Dealer's Daughter (1968) 72.5 min 16mm
(Ca) Hands Down (1983) 6 min 16mm
(F) Hanna Section: Muscles and Flowers (1969/1982) 16 min 16mm
(Ca, F) It Happened in Sarasota (1980) 18 min 16mm
(F) Jewish Momma Cat (1969) 35 min 16mm
(Ca, F) Kay Rosaire & Her Lions (1977) 11 min 16mm
(F) Man Walking Down the Side of a Building (1971/1981) 7.5 min 16mm
(F) The March on Paris 1914 of General Von Kluck and his Memory of Jessie Holladay (1976) 69.5 min 16mm
(F) Martha Washington 67 min 16mm
(Ca, F) Muscles and Flowers (1969) 90 min 16mm
(Ca, F) Sappho (1979) 50 min 16mm
(F) The Stroll (1969) 53 min 16mm
(F) Trisha Brown Co. at the Whitney Museum 1971--The Rehearsal (1971) 8.5 min 16mm
(F) The Very Brief Romance of Barbara Frietchie and Stonewall Jackson (1973) 55:45 min 16mm
(Ca) The Woman When Sacred (1986) 6 min 16mm

(Ca) Available from Canyon Cinema Cooperative
(F) Available from Filmmakers Cooperative

Walter Gutman