E Minha Cara

E Minha Cara Still

San Diego, CA -- E Minha Cara a mythopoetic meditation on the African Diaspora by award winning filmmaker Thomas Alien Harris, is currently in post-production. E Minha Cara -- a colloquial Brazilian expression that roughly translates "That's my face!" -- follows the journey of an African-American artist played by the filmmaker. His research on African belief systems (Santaria, Vodoo and Condomble -- the Afro-Brazilian variant) in Brazil leads him on an odyssey from the United States, through Brazil, to France and ultimately to Burkina Faso, West Africa. Metaphorically retracing the Atlantic African slave trade routes, E Minha Cara traverses the boundaries of time and language to question modern definitions of "Africa" and "Africaness" within a complex and hybrid world.

E Minha Cara is the latest film in the cinematic career of Thomas Alien Harris, creator of the critically acclaimed and multiple award winning documentary VINTAGE Families of Value. Following the auteur traditions of Pasolini and Glauber Rocher, Harris meshes myth, fantasy and documentary into a compelling and evocative investigation of relationships between people of African descent and their ancestral legacies.

Shot MOS (without sound) in black and white and color Super 8mm film E Minha Cara's visually stunning imagery moves from street carnivals on the Afro-BraziIian island Ilha do Mare to a black gay beach party of 5,000 in Malibu, California, from Sunday street scenes along the quay in Paris to the compound life of a Muslim family in Ouagadougou, from Condomble festivals in Bahia to the closing ceremonies of FESPACO -- the 1997 Pan-African Film Festival in Burkina Faso, and from the terrifying favella, Aiagatos, where rickety homes sit tenuously above murky swamps to modern village life along the Amazon waterways.

Harris multimedia installation Alchemy, also exploring African belief systems in the Americas, is scheduled to open at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC on May 2, 1998, following a critically successful run at New Langton Arts in San Francisco.

An Assistant Professor of Media Arts at the University of California, San Diego, Harris is currently looking for a world music producer to collaborate on the sound track for E Minha Cara.

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