Will Hindle Work

(Ca, F)Billabong (1969) 9 min 16mm
(Ca, F)Chinese Firedrill (1968) 25 min 16mm
(Ca)FFFTCM (1967) 5 min 16mm
(Ca, F)Later That Same Night (1971) 10 min 16mm
(Ca, F)Non Catholicam (1957-1963) 10 min 16mm
(Ca)Pasteur3 22 min 16mm
(Ca)Pastoral D'Ete (1958) 9 min 16mm
(Ca, F)Saint Flournoy Lobos-Logos and the Eastern Europe Fetus Taxing Japan Brides in West Coast Places Sucking Alabama Air (1970) 12 min 16mm
(Ca, F)29: Merci Merci (1966) 30 min 16mm
(Ca)Watersmith (1969) 32 min 16mm

(F) Available from Filmmakers Cooperative
(Ca) Available from Canyon Cinema Cooperative

Will Hindle