Cupid's Infirmary

The video I watched of Kuchar's was "Cupid's Infirmary"(1994). Kuchar describes this film as " Armed with a script loaded with overripe dialogue and with a supply of false eyelashes and lipstick, this low-budget soap opera sours fast and turns bittersweet in an all-out attempt to peel the cosmetic fašade away from agonized souls in heat. You'll probably gag, and choke on the fruit-filled 'beefcake as tattooed torsos of sex starved she-men' are laid bare for analysis and cheap thrills. This is rancid drama at its smelliest!" This film could not have been any more low budget and exemplifies the statement that Kuchar uses no-talent actors. Cupid's Infirmary is a drama of emotional warfare among two couples. The women are played by ferocious drag queens, and one character is a sex-starved Ex-Lax-gobbling anorexic. Beneath all the insanity, the story is actually largely autobiographical in a way that would be devastating for him to address straight on, and that truth is evident in the movie, making audiences squirm as they laugh.
--Christine Camella

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