Mike Kuchar Work

Born of the Wind (1961)
(F)The Craven Sluck (1961) 22.5 min 16mm
Cupid's Infirmary (1994) 22.5 min 16mm
(F)Dwarf Star 20 min 16mm
(F)Faraway Places (1974) 9.5 min 16mm
(F)Fragments 10 min 16mm
(F)Green Desire (1965)
I Was A Teenage Rumpot (with George Kuchar) (1960)
(F)Light Sketches and Cycles 20 min 16mm
Madonna (1967)
The Naked and the Nude (with George Kuchar) (1957)
The Pervert (1963)
Pussy on a Hot Tin Roof (with George Kuchar) (1961)
Screwball (with George Kuchar) (1957)
(F)The Secret of Wendell Samson (1966)
(F)Sins of the Fleshapoids (1964)
The Slasher (with George Kuchar) (1958)
(F)Tales of the Bronx 16 min 16mm
The Theif and the Stripper (with George Kuchar) (1959)
A Tub Named Desire (with George Kuchar) (1960)
(F)Variations (1960) 15 min 16mm
The Wet Destruction of the Atlantic Empire (with George Kuchar) (1954)

(F) Available from Filmmakers Cooperative

Mike Kuchar