Unsere Afrikareise

Kubelka definitely attacks the emotions of the spectator. The carelessness with which these German hunters use to kill so many animals is hard to watch. In certain cases, I found myself looking away. However, Kubelka shows a contrast in killing. Because both the native people and German tourists are visually well accounted for. We see the tourists killing for fun, where as we see the native culture in which killing is a part of the food chain. There was a natural feeling that accompanied the natives. As a spectator, I was not bothered by them and their actions. However, the tourists were depicted in a disgusting manner. This disgust rose every time an animal was killed for no reason.

I liked the fact that Kubelka gave a rise to the emotions. The film is definitely unforgettable and vivid.
--Eva Jones, 2000

Peter Kubelka Work