Mike Leggett Work

The Body on Three Floors (1984) (television)
(L) Bristol Bands Newsreel (1980) (film-on-video)
Eighteen Months Outside the Grounds of Obscenity and Libel (1975) (video installation)
(L) Erota/Afini (1973) (book and film)
(L) Friday Fried (1981) (film)
(L) The Heart Cycle (1973) (video)
A History of Airports (1983) (video)
(L) Image ConText:One (1982) (video)
(L) Image ConText:Two (1986) video
The Lark (1965) (graduation film) 16mm
One (1972) 16mm
(L) Porter Pac (1973) (video)
(L) Sheepman & the Sheared:Parts 1-7 (1976) (film)
(L) Sheet/Unword (1970) (with Ian Breakwell) 16mm
(F, L) Shepherd's Bush (1971) 15,5 min 16mm
(L) Tender Kisses (1972) 16mm
(L) Vistasound (1981) (film)
(L) wHole (1972) 16mm

(F) Available from Filmmakers Cooperative
(L) Available from The Lux Centre (incorporating London Film-makers Co-operative and London Electronic Arts).

Mike Leggett