Jeanne Liotta Work

Blue Moon (1988) 3 min S8mm
Ceci N'est Pas (1997) S8/16mm blow-up
Dervish Machine (with Bradley Eros ) (1992) blow-up from S8mm 10 min 16mm
Flimsy or "Valiantly She Tried to Explain What Lay Behind the Flimsy Trappings" (1996) Digital Media
Fungus Eroticus (with Bradley Eros) (1990) 30 min 16mm blow-up from S8mm
Muktikara (1999) 11 min S8mm/16mm blow-up
Open Sesame (with Bradley Eros) (1989) 6 min Video
Soma Sema (with Bradley Eros) (1988) 13 min 16mm blow-up from S8mm ( Also an expanded cinema version, live performance, 30 min)
What Makes Day And Night (1998) 9 min 16mm

Jeanne Liotta